Sempai Catherine will have the grading lists up on the board. Students do not necessarily grade at the end of each term, so monitoring your attendance stamps is critical. Please note that attendance cards will be removed if class fees are unpaid and this will affect your grading qualification. If your name is not on the list, discuss it with your sempai urgently.

Attendance Requirements for Highway JKA

Age & Grade Stamps Req.  Fee 
Under 14 Years    
White  10 R100
Yellow - Red  20  R100 
Brown - Jnr Black 20 R100
Over 14 Years    
White 15 R100
Yellow 20 R100
Orange - Green 25 R100
Blue - Brown 30 R100

How To Do Well At Grading


The one thing your Sempais will be telling you, is to practice, practice, practice – karate is about teaching your body control, speed and power but also to know when to use each. Repetition and practice is the only way that the body will learn to perform seemingly complex series of maneuvers without even thinking – the grading panel can clearly see the difference between a well rehearsed karateka and someone who just attends classes. HAVE YOU PRACTICED TODAY????


This is the one aspect that all new karateka’s seem to forget on the day – they seem to let nerves take over. Spirit is how the students communicate their passion and intensity. It can be as simple as confidently announcing your kata (so that the car guard can hear you), to showing fierce concentration during your kumite basics. This is how you get the grading panels attention!!!
Here are some things to focus on:

  • When you stand in "yoi” (ready stance), be strong, focus on a spot on the wall just behind the grading panel’s heads and don’t move. Many of the younger kids sway around, looking around and suffer from shifty eyes (ability to look all around without moving the head) – STAY FOCUSSED, STAY STILL
  • You will be given instructions and guidance from the grading panel – each instruction must be acknowledge with a strong, loud, confident "OSS” – no exception!
  • When you are paired off for the Kumite basics, you should have the confidence and presence of a warrior (even though you are nervous inside). Be strong, be intimidating!!! A trick, as crazy as it seems is to practice at home in front of a mirror – practice your "warrior stare” and your shouts – don’t be shy, this is a martial art!!!!! When performing your grading, each move needs to show speed, precision and intent – a lot of the junior belts go robotically through the motions – if you want to impress, you need to make sure that each movement has intent and purpose (must look like you are actually making contact with your invisible opponent)
  • Please note that grading fees are payable at grading (R100 per karateka) and belts, registration books are available on the day.

For most of you, this WILL NOT be your first grading. Pull out your previous grading sheet (given to you at last grading) and see where you were strong and where you were weak. Ensure that you have worked on the observations made.

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